Niels Alexander Nijdam

I'm a senior researcher at the University of Geneva, where I work on European projects (Horizon 2020 & Active and Assisted Living programme). My work ranges from virtual & augmented reality, programmable/computer graphics, (3D) simulations, avatar systems, collaborative systems and distributed network rendering.

Information Science Institute

I'm currently working for The Information Science Institute (ISI) at the University of Geneva. Where I'm part of CASLab and affiliated with the I-Sec group.

The Information Science Institute (ISI) is a research institute under the "Geneva School of Economics and Management" of the University of Geneva. Our mission is to engage with industry, public administration and the public in order to lead and shape the international landscape of research in the domain of Information Science.

The Information Science Institute is located at the Interfaculty Computer Science Centre (, for Centre Universitaire d'Informatique) of the University of Geneva.

The Information Science Institute has established strong collaborations, in all levels, with multisciplinary research teams from different faculties (Medicine, Psychology, Science, Society Sciences) and also nationally, with most of the Swiss Universities. On top of this, the Information Science Institute has extensive international network that includes many academic institutions, public administrations, creativity and innovation consultants, think tanks and services providers.

Conscious Analytics System Lab

Working for CASLab occupies most of my time. This includes R&D for several (mostly European) projects and writing new project proposals.

CASLab is part of the University of Geneva department Information Science Institute (ISI). We are active in research, technology watch, while working in the areas of Virtual Humans, Dialogue Management, Emotional intelligence, Emotion Recognition, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Human Computer Interaction, Robotics, Privacy and security aspects. Our current focus is on the computational modelling of emotions, personality, decision-making, episodic memory and other psychology and biology inspired components with the purpose of developing human-like behaviour for expressive virtual humans and social robots. In addition we also provide our expertise in the area of design, development and deployment of ICT-based solutions.

Information Security group

This group is relatively new, but has a strong security background (being led by Professor Dimitri Konstantas). I've helped out with submitting proposals, which are still in review process. Thus fingers crossed.
The information security group (I-Sec) is active in the following security related fields:
- Cyber physical systems (CPS), communications of wired and wireless devices (e.g. IoT).
- Data analytics, extract information from CPS and perform analysis regarding security and privacy.
- Big data handling and visualisation, the most important aspect is to present the outcome from the data analytics in a human readable fashion.
- Human-computer interaction, providing the monitoring and controlling tooling.
The group aims to translate these technological challenges into an easily comprehensible way for a user, to give the ability to understand, monitor and control the risks of employing CPS.